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The public has free entry to watch the Sieravuori Challenge 2024 presented by Innova disc golf tournament!

All of Sieravuori's services are available to the public. The stone restaurant serves according to the opening hours. On the Sieravuori Beach you will find a terrace where you can watch the last three holes from the top spots!

Please note the following:

  • Keep the phone on silent

  • Give the players peace while throwing

  • Stay out of the players' field of vision while focusing on throws and avoid unnecessary movement

  • Always walk behind the players and the media in holes and transitions and give them enough space

  • Leave player interaction until they have finished the competition round (e.g. autographs).

Public parking:

  • The parking area reserved for the public is located in the upper parking lot (follow the signs upon arrival).

Address of the parking lot: Sieravuorentie 102

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